XENA Support: Can XENA Solve Your Primavera Import Problems?

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The XENA XER Import Utility Tool is a solution for consolidating Primavera XER files into your master database.

You may be one of the Primavera users who are very tired of dealing with all the undesirable codes that show up in your updates from contractors and others.  There is a quick easy way to handle these import issues: the XENA XER Import Utility.  This tool allows users to view and change the coding structure of updates to match the codes in your production database BEFORE you import the data.  When AcceleratedPM and XENA consultants work with clients who try to manage schedule and information consolidation with Primavera, they discover that the vast majority say they will benefit by the use of the XENA XER Import Utility tool and want it.    This tool saves XER templates for reuse to avoid many wasted hours in the import cleanup process.  The setup takes only minutes and templates are ready for use every time data needs to be imported providing configuration control that is easy to use and maintain.

Additionally, our Xena clients are interested in the new XENA Administrator tool and ask when the new tool will be available.  The release of the new tool provides yet another time saver to Primavera users.  The new XENA Administrator tool saves significant amounts of time for all who administer P6 in a multi-user environment by monitoring the enterprise configuration and notifying you when changes are made to the system.  XENA Administrator merges duplicate codes, builds complete XER files, tracks configuration changes, monitors licenses usage, organizes users/licenses by department and location plus much more.

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