XENA Administrator

Now Available!  Help for the corporate Primavera P6 Administrator is here!!

Every Primavera Enterprise Implementation Needs This Tool!!!

You've spent thousands of dollars designing and implementing your Enterprise Primavera solution.  Protect your investment by controlling your design configuration!

As a Primavera Administrator, are you spending hours cleaning up global structures such as activity codes, resources and calendars?  XENA is the configuration warrior you need to prevent these problems and fix them when they do occur.  Keep your Primavera configuration clean and your users more productive:

  • Users get frustrated and confused by unorganized coding structures.  Clean up your production data with XENA in minutes not days.
  • Organize your global calendars so there are no duplicates.
  • Know when user security settings are changed.
  • Easily identify which users are making configuration errors so they can be prevented.

The XENA Administrator is designed for Primavera Administrators and can work in conjunction with the XENA XER Utility.  With a direct link to your production database the XENA Administrator continuously monitors the Enterprise Configuration and alerts you when there are changes.

Benefits of XENA Administrator

  • XENA Administrator pays for itself in the FIRST WEEK!
  • Provide real SOLUTIONS for Primavera Administrators to fix problems
  • Gain more EFFICIENCY by maintaining configuration control
  • Be more PRODUCTIVE in Primavera P6 by giving users the security access they need
  • IDENTIFY how changes are occuring and QUICKLY fix problems
  • ENSURE reports run accurately because the right codes are being used
  • Get REAL TIME alerts when users change or delete critical configurations
  • Save TIME and MONEY spent on a DBA or P6 Consultant

Benefits of the Controller Tool

XENA Administrator allows you to record your approved Enterprise Configuration and monitor any changes to these critical P6 structures.  XENA Administrator monitors:

  • Resources
  • Activity Codes
  • Project Codes
  • Resource Codes
  • Calendars
  • UDFs
  • Notebook Topics
  • Project Preferences

Choose to restrict XER imports of anything that is not part of your Enterprise Configuration to prevent problems.  The Controller contains a toolbox of utilities to support the P6 Administrator's job of configuration management including:

  • Merge: Merges duplicate codes - a huge time saveer that eliminates duplicate activity codes and calendars
  • BUILD XER: Augments the XER exprot from P6 and builds a complete, custom configuration XER file, allowing you more control of the content.

Benefits of the Auditor and Investigator Tools

Together these tools work to find the problems in your Enterprise Configuration.

The Auditor perfroms a periodic review of the entire monitored configuration in the Controller.  When a monitored activity code is renamed or an unauthorized activity code is added, the Auditor alerts you!

The Investigator, like a police detective, searches and provides detailed facts about discovered problems.  If you need to know who changed an activity description of when a resource was deleted, the Investigator will find it even when others believe the trail has gone cold.

Benefits of the User Tool

The User provides new tools for managing users and licenses.  Vital information is available in reports and graphics to show user login history and license assignments.  Much needed tools simplify tasks for the P6 Administrator include:

  • Copy user configurations to other users
  • Purge users out of the Primavera application when necessary
  • Organize users and licenses by Department and Location
  • View user login history
  • Monitor license assignments and avoid penalties and fines for license violations
  • Remove orphaned layouts and filters left behind from deleted P6 users

Contact us now for more information on how XENA Administrator and improve the efficiency of Primavera and help your Administrator maintain configuration control.

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